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Crawler ZY-3C Magnetic Pipeline

Crawler ZY-3C Magnetic Pipeline

Crawler ZY-3C Magnetic Pipeline Zhong Yi brand pipeline crawler is a kind of magnetic controlled pipeline robot with DC X ray unit of constant potential installed on it for check welding of pipeline. Running in a wall or pipeline; detect internal defects and flaws through radiography technology. Pipeline Crawlers move steadily inside the pipe with speed of up to 18m/min to the distance of up to 5 kilometers and provide the efficient inspection of the pipeline.

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Crawler ZY-3C Magnetic Pipeline


1)Speed control to achieve the slow starting and low-speed positioning,magnetic position system  tell the crawler's position and status through the beep sound .


2) Performing without affected by the electric welding machine.


3) Constant voltage control ensure X-ray film density consistent ,not impacted by low energy  also save energy and protect the motor from over current.


4) Panasonic lead acid battery supply 30% more energy meanwhile prevent overheating  explosion.


5) Inspect energy  automatically. The crawler will turn back when the battery low power or no command in  40 minutes .


6)  Constant torque, constant current operation so as to extend the using life .


7) All the electronic components are military(except PLC) supplies.





Model ZY-3C
Locating System Magnetic Medium Control
Available Outside Diameter 12.7-28 Inch 
Position Precision  5mm
Moving Distance 5 km(Round trip)
Max Climbing Slope 30°
Turning Radius Over 10D
Drive Type  Four Wheels Driven
Full charge exposure  60 min
Crawling Speed 18m/min
Max. Penetrate 35mm
MIN Diameter 457mm
Generator Dimension     Φ 290*970mm
Focus Size 1.0*5.0mm
Radiation Angle 360° × 40°
Exposure Time 0-5 min


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